Thursday, May 19, 2011

A Medley of 'Moving Out' and Other Meditations

Hello to all loyal followers and first-time readers of Blast Furnace!

The theme for Volume 1, Issue 2, moving out, was selected by visitors of this website via online polling. And the poets delivered. We received even more submissions for the Spring edition than the inaugural issue! Many included here are “moving out” poems; however, Blast Furnace never enforces a rule that poetry submitted for a themed issue strictly adhere to it.

Therefore, Volume 1, Issue 2 presents musical meditations on nature and nostalgia—book-ended by the moon and winter’s melt, with grandpa’s fiddle, a junkyard and an old bed for sale in between, among other wares…as all the while relationships build, mend, split apart. Move in and out of our lives.

And, sticking close to the geographic location of the journal's origin, Blast Furnace still entertains verse on the blue collar worker and his/her family, the sweat and blood sacrifices to put food on the table so many of us understand, and deeply so.

Many thanks to those who took interest and/or contributed their work to make this another well-rounded collection of writing.

- R. Clever, Editor/Publisher

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