Tuesday, July 19, 2011

MORE from Blast Furnace? Poll Results!

In May, we posted a poll on the left panel of our web page where voters could indicate whether they'd like to see more offerings in Blast Furnace, as we'd received some inquiries about whether we would eventually include other features, in addition to poetry and interviews.

The results are in!

The four (4) choices were:
  • short non-fiction
  • artwork/photography
  • literary events
  • none of the above--keep it ALL POETRY!
Literary events received the least votes at 5%, with short non-fiction garnering 23% of voter interest, and artwork/photography tying with "keep it ALL POETRY!" in total votes at 35% each.

Based on this neck-and-neck finish, our executive decision is to continue to publish distinct poetic voices AND post artwork/photography, with the latter beginning in Volume 2, Issue 1: January of 2012.

Look for details pertaining to artwork/photography submission guidelines later this year.

Many thanks to all who took the time to cast their votes!

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