Sunday, September 11, 2011

Light-hearted, & Loyal to our Roots

Warm greetings at the end of a fierce season from Blast Furnace.

Volume 1, Issue 3 comes to you following what the news media has reported as the hottest Summer the United States has experienced in 75 years: and in the aftermath of Hurricane Irene, in the midst of Texas Wildfires. These events are cause for somber reflection, and our hearts and thoughts are with all of those so deeply affected by recent weather events and natural disasters.

Contrary to these occurrences, the call for submissions back in May for Issue 3 of Blast Furnace was a request for light-hearted poetry, and this Quarter's menagerie features just that. Perhaps Issue 3 can, therefore, serve therapeutically: offering a moment of levity from Mother Nature's wrath to those who most need it.

As always, we're sticking to our roots and local history by also featuring some poems of the blue collar life, and poems outside of the call for submissions' theme. And we continue to publish well-read, lively audio poetry submissions, albeit, Blast Furnace was certainly not the first to post audio poems. We are pleased to learn that more on-line literary publishers and websites are beginning to feature it, as poetry began as an oral tradition.

Our genuine gratitude to all who submitted, and to all who devote quality time reading and meditating on such well-deserving work.

- R. Clever, Editor/Publisher

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