Monday, October 21, 2013

Mine: Volume 3, Issue 3

"It's a good problem to have." That's what we're saying more and more frequently at Blast Furnace about the high caliber writing we receive with each of our quarterly calls for submissions. And the hundreds of poems we reviewed for Volume 3, Issue 3featuring the theme of prized possessions, as well as poetry outside of that themedid not disappoint.

For our Third Quarter 2013 edition, we give you delectable morsels of textual verse and spoken word for your reading appetite. Devour them shamelessly!

Additionally, new features have been added to our website: tabbed pages near the top of the screen, including our Mission & Values, Submission Guidelines and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), along with a Translate feature, which is located on the left panel of the site near the top of the screen. It enables readers to change the poems and writer/artist interviews into the text of their native tongue.

We're also amazed to see that Blast Furnace has received over 110,000 hits since its founding in 2010. Please keep dropping by--and often!

- R. Clever, Editor/Publisher

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