Thursday, October 30, 2014

The Heart as Country: Volume 4, Issue 3

I love the experience of being a poetry editor.

In re-reading, for the umpteenth time, Blast Furnace Volume 4, Issue 3, I am reminded of the privilege it is to be part of the poetry community. Each issue, in fact, prompts this response in me, though there is truly something to the theme of and response to "love of country" that cuts to the bone.

In this edition, we wear our hearts--our countries--on our sleeves in poems boasting eagles at breakfast, cowboys loving on peaches, a French mosquito's perspective, the physical act of carrying Fender amps, stacks of books and accordions. Our love, or love-sickness (or sometimes just plain sickness) of homeland imbues war veteran wisdom shared in camper conversation; sitting down to coffee with a drifter; the raw reality of missiles washing onto beaches that many of us cannot begin to imagine.

The gift of living, at least partly, in the literary arena is the generous exposure it offers--to unfamiliar territories made accessible with each poem. I am grateful for every single one of these new worlds.

- R. Clever, Editor

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