What is your timeline for reviewing submissions?

The submission period for each quarterly Call for Submissions is typically 60 days for review of received poems. We provide an immediate response confirming receipt of a submission as soon as it's received. Regarding submission acceptance or otherwise, we will respond to ALL submitters within 15 to 30 days following the submission deadline for each issue.

What percentage of submitted poems is typically accepted for publication?

Duotrope Digest provides up-to-date statistics on Blast Furnace, as well as many print and web-based literary journals. Visit Duotrope at https://www.duotrope.com.

Who is the staff at Blast Furnace?

The journal's staff consists of its Founder/Editor/Publisher (see the "About" tab on our website) and, as of 2012, a small, rotating group of trusted poet-writer volunteers who have served as adjunct lecturers of English courses at colleges and universities, creative writing workshop leaders, and/or organizers of community literary events. All of the volunteers are published poets. Our volunteers are named in the introduction of the quarterly Blast Furnace issue with which they assisted.

Why wasnt my poem accepted for publication?

Since Blast Furnace’s initial call for submissions, the journal has received hundreds of poems from poets within the United States and beyond. The number of submissions increases with each call for submissions. We review each and every individual poem before making a decision. If your poem is not chosen, don’t take it personally. The sheer volume of work received creates a challenging decision-making process, one that results in turning away poems we enjoy reading. That said, we encourage all submitters to read our Mission, along with the themes for each quarterly call for submissions.

If my work is rejected, may I submit again?

If the poem or poems you submit is/are not selected, you are welcome to submit revisions or other poems for consideration for an upcoming edition of Blast Furnace. While we feature themed issues, we do consider work outside of those themes.

If my work is published, may I submit again?

Yes; however, kindly wait two years before submitting again.

Do widely-known, widely-published poets have a greater chance of their work being accepted and posted to your journal than newer poets who are, therefore, newer to being published?

While we sometimes feature interviews with established, well-known poets, name recognition does not influence whether we accept a writer’s work(s). When Blast Furnace reviews submitted poetry, we ask: Does it resonate with us? Are we moved? Is the poem's structure/form sound, and are its line and stanza breaks meaningful? Do its metaphors and images work? What about overall language/word choice? Is its voice unique? What of the music of the piece? Thus, if a renown writer’s work appears in our journal, it has everything to do with the impact and quality of the piece, not the poet’s credentials.

Do you offer ahard copy version of the journal?

Not yet, but we may launch an annual chapbook contest in 2014...and more. Stay tuned for further details…